Developer Notes

This site is built Divi, which is a subscription plug-in purchased by Jill. 

If you have access to divi, the tutorials and help desk are your best resources. 

Global options are set using Customize.

To create a new page (these instructions assume your are familiar with WordPress or will learn.):

In the dashboard on the left, click the Pages menu item.  The menu expands and shows sub-menu items All Pages and click Add New. The new page opens.

In the page attributes menu on the left, set the Astra settings. The default is currently Customizer Setting.  (These are set in the Customize sub-menu under the Appearance menu item in the Dashboard. As you become familiar with WordPress, Astra, Elementor, and this site, you may choose different settings.)

In Disable Sections, make sure Disable Primary Header and Disable Footer Bar are Unchecked if you want the page to show the header and footer.

Check Disable Title if you don’t want the page to show the page title. The site, posts, and pages do not have a feature image

Enter the page title.

Click Edit With Divi. It is easier and more visual to build using the front end option.

To create a post for the podcasts, the divi builder front end works best. You can choose to replicate a previous page or used the layout saved to the library. Enter all relevant new information, including the audio custom html code to embed the audio in the page and the direct download url from Libysn, place in the media url location using the edit podcast option.

Place the following code in the wordpress.php file in order to prevent BluBrrry Powerpress from removing the rss feed from the header — although it’s really a google issue.